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In addition to important, up-to-date information on the financial benefits of becoming domiciled in Florida, The Florida Domicile Handbook, 4th Edition includes a wealth of useful lifestyle information to help new residents become familiar with the Florida landscape.

Arm yourself with the only book on the market that compiles the most current data about Florida’s government, history, natural attractions, and recreational opportunities about the great peninsular state.

Bursting with information on Florida, The Florida Domicile Handbook, 4th Edition also allows you to:

  • Find relevant demographic information about the area you plan to live in.
  • Learn about Homestead and the Save Our Homes Amendment, ways to have even greater tax savings.
  • Discover healthcare providers and state insurance programs for kids, families and seniors.
  • Locate unique and popular destinations in Florida.
  • Retire with ease using the handy list of resources.
  • Purchase a great home in Florida with helpful real estate guidelines
  • Start a thriving business in Florida by comparing workforce
  • What you need to know about firearms and Florida firearms laws and population demographics first.
  • Identify the best educational opportunities.


The Florida Domicile Handbook, 4th Edition eliminates the guesswork of having to search for answers on why Florida is a financial move that’s right for you. It’s all compiled in this useful handbook. Here are just a few reasons why so many have made Florida their home:

  • Florida is a very tax friendly state.
  • Florida has no state income tax.
  • Florida has no estate tax.
  • Florida is an asset protection state.
  • Florida’s Save Our Homes Amendment protects your home from exorbitant tax increases.
  • Florida homestead is exempt from creditors.
  • Florida domicile provides protection for your life insurance, annuities and many other assets.
  • Florida domicile can help you avoid state death tax in other states.

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